The Great Dragon Hunt

Episode 1, Session 3

Dragon's Fall

Just to get something preliminary up for this entry, I’ll type it out in confused note form.

- After leaving the rescued wood elves, the adventurers came to a place where Ellion heard music. It was the same song his mother had sung him when he was little, telling him tht it was a song his father had composed. Ellion grew agitated, and despite his friends’ attempts to restrain him, he slipped through their grasp and dashed around the corner to find the singer. After some incredulous questioning, it appeared that the man was indeed his father.

- Soon after that, Ellion’s father dissipated into the mist, another trick of the dragon, and the party was attacked.

I can’t remember what attack happened at this time. Was it goblins and spider goo monsters? Was this the attack where Syoran wanted to use his water flask to collect goo after we’d killed everything? Or was this the attack where we did damage to the dragon? Actually, I think our first fight with the dragon happened in episode 2, so I’ve definitely messed up the timeline anyway… ugh… my brain is a pile of mush… I was able to run Eric’s ranger for him yesterday, but the effort of trying to get 2 characters to be useful seems to have sapped all good recollection from me, lol!

So yeah, we drove the dragon off once, and we killed some goblins and goo monsters, and Syoran wanted to empty his water flask to collect their goo for craftting experimentation.

Later, we ran into more goo monsters, and probably some more goblins? We cut some wood elves out of goo monster webs. We found an abandoned wood elf village and nearly lost Onia to a fit of cultural archaeology. Luckily he decided to continue onwards with us despite the treasure trove of wood elf artifacts, because around the corner, we found Erelas’ father, appearing in his old elf form. We knew this to be another trick of the dragon.

The elf vanished, and goo monsters attacked us, and we had difficulty fending them off. More birds attacked us s we fought the goo monsters (where did we encounter them first? Back where Garret skewered a few of them as they were attacking me?)

This area of the maze turned out to be a large clearing dotted with hedge obstructions. We were vaguely aware in the recesses of our minds that there were trees, but the goo monsters managed to split our attention and keep several party members stuck in place apart from each other with their goo. We were also attempting to rescue numbers of terrified wood elves from their webbing.

Inthe middle of it all, the dragon landed behind us, and engaged Ellion, who was at the entrance to this particular clearing. Some of us were additionally beset by birds. Some of us were so far removed from Ellion and blocked by obstructions that we didn’t even know the dragon had arrived. It was certainly an uphill battle to gather together as a group, we were so spread out.

Syoran struggled to kill his goo monster, his greatsword cleaving air. Onia had wandered into the vicinity of a tree, and had to fend off spores as well as the dragon seeming to attempt to turn the tree roots against him to hold his feet fast to the ground. He battled against his own goo onster.

Garret was a blur, emerging from the shadows to launch lethal volleys of arrows at whichever target seemed to be the most likely, then vanishing into hiding again. Erelas continued to miss attack after attack, with a caster controlling his actions… Aylani was never in the right place at the right time, and when she did have an action that could be useful, she had birds to deal with. Finally, she managed to Hex the dragon… and then proceeded to miss her atack on it every time she could take n attack. Ellion held his own and must have put a bunch of damage on the dragon, because eventually, with a sickening rending sound, it appeared we had winged the dragon. with it now mired on the ground, we rallied, while still struggling against goo monsters, and before long Garret was dismayed to find that Ellion snuck in the killing blow [… uh.. or was it the other way around? Help, I’m lost… ]

It still took some time to finish off the goo monsters… Onia had to chase his halfway through the maze to run it down, and it nearly cost him his life, but with the dragon dead the mist was lifting and the hedge walls were weakening, and he eventually did get the kill.

We stayed in the maze for the five days it took for the dragon’s magic to dissipate completely, hunting down captives and treasure. No sign was ever found of Ellion’s father nor of Erelas’ father. We recovered some very interetsing items from a small trove hidden in a tunnel [ DM to provide details].

Traveling back to Valona, we found Sova’s great hall in full celebration. As we entered, Sova climbed his throne-oak and sang a song praising our service to the realm of the wood elves. He gave time to each adventurer, describing our valour and might. After he was done, he opened his fern-chest to us and encouraged us to take the item each of us most desired [DM to provide details]. He also declared an invitation to the adventurers of elven descent to stay with him to serve as rangers of the court [can’t remember the title Andrew mentioned, will edit later].

… I promise, I’ll gather some of the information I’m hazy on, and return to re-write the epic dragon battle and ceremony in Sova’s hall! I can’t believe how much it hampered my brain to run a second character at minimal competence, lol…



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