Aylani Thenosen

half high elven warlock



a (like the letter) – LA (… a note to follow sol… ) – knee

THEN (like “thin” but with more of an “en” sound like in “end”) – o (like the letter) – sen

When the travelers meet at King Sova‘s great hall, Aylani is very young (considering her lifespan). She has gained some experience and knowledge over the past year spent traveling the world, mostly on foot, in search of scraps of information about dragons, and hunting for dragons themselves. While The Seelie Court seems to have known about the return of these menaces, there is little word circulating, except for the reports (not always believed) of a red dragon who had eradicated an entire town. Aylani spent much of her time trying to track down the true parts of that rumour, and looking for information relating to where that dragon might be at the present, before she heard Sova’s call for help and hastened immediately to Valona.

Aylani is 5’6" tall, of wiry build, having been a silversmith artisan’s apprentice. She has kept a boyish appearance, out of both convenience and habit – working with her father, avoiding skirts and fine materials was practical, as was keeping her jet black hair short. She typically wears loose tan breeches, gathered into her tall brown leather boots, and a simple linen shirt. She also owns a heavy brown cloak, worn only in inclement weather. The belt buckle made of the green dragonscale set in silver is the only adornment she wears, though she put time and care into crafting her silver-plated wand, which is tipped with the green crystal that serves as her arcane focus. This implement is kept slipped through a simple leather loop on her belt, when not in hand.

Aylani is generally quiet, though not shy. She did a lot of helping with her father’s business, and is comfortable talking to (almost) any person. If her abilities as a warlock are brought up, she becomes animated and begins to monologue about Lady Verenestra and the Seelie Court, and about the quest she has been given to hunt dragons. Before her encounter with Verenestra, she was prone to becoming so engrossed with thoughts of craft design that she would have to be shaken from her reverie. This still occurs, but when it happens now, she might instead be remembering bits of her unusual experience in the forest with the fae folk, or be lost deep in thought about how to temper that spell she used on the goblins the other day.

Finally, the day Aylani entered into this pact with her patron, she became convinced that she has an important part to play in the destiny of this world. The strength of this conviction is what hardened her to her parents’ pleas to stay at home (and also brought her to adopt a pretty impressive-sounding title despite her general lack of dragon-killing to date). Her entire purpose in life has become serve Verenestra, whose whims can be capricious, when she bothers to communicate with Aylani outside of the dragon hunt.


Aylani grew up helping her stepfather in his workshop. Marcel Thenosen is a renowned silver smith, known for his artistry the length and breadth of the world. Aylani showed interest and enough talent that he took her on as an official apprentice.

As a young woman, Aylani had been to Underberg to negotiate the purchase of a supply of semiprecious gemstones to restock her father’s inventory for embellishing their handiwork. On her way home to Chariden, she and her traveling companions were ambushed by bandits deep in the wild woods south of Underberg; Aylani escaped into the forest, and became lost.

Overnight she discovered that she had chosen to sleep in the path of the The Seelie Court, dancing and meandering their way through the trees. Though Aylani was half-elven, her mother refused to talk about her biological father and steered her away from exploring her elven heritage at every turn. Raised in a solely urban, human environment, Aylani was wholly unprepared for this encounter. Lady Verenestra was the first member of the Seelie Court’s Inner Circle to appear in the procession, and Aylani unexpectedly found herself completely spellbound.

Verenestra, while capricious as are all fae folk, was merciful and instead of ordering Aylani’s execution, decided to spare her and give her shelter for the night, granting her benevolence to the frightened, lost half-elf silversmith girl. Verenestra seemed to be curious about Aylani’s lack of understanding of her elven blood, and by Aylani’s profession, since her own sign is a silver filigree edged mirror, and her sphere of power very strongly rooted in moonlight, and she seems to see silver as tangible moonlight in some way.

In the morning, a very young green dragon attacked the Seelie Court’s encampment. Verenestra, along with her parents Queen Titania and Lord Oberon, killed the dragon with murderous ease, but the attack made them deeply concerned. They seem to have been aware that dragons were making themselves known in the mortal world again, but the Seelie Court does not concern itself with mortals. Titania and Oberon felt however that a rampaging young dragon bursting into their midst was a clear sign that the day would soon arrive when the vastly more dangerous elders of this miserable creature would come to make demands of them.

Verenestra decided to bind the mortal who had so fortuitously shown up in the Court’s path the night before, and make use of her to be Verenestra’s eyes, hand and will beyond the confines of the forests to which these fae folk are bound. In a simple ritual, Verenestra placed within Aylani the ability to wield a small part of the Lady’s power, which she indicated she could increase in Aylani once Aylani had learned to master the first taste of it. In return, Aylani agreed to serve her Patron in any way Verenestra required of her, but her specific requirement of Aylani is that Aylani will go forth in the mortal world to learn what is behind the dragons’ return, and to kill any she can find.

Aylani Thenosen

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