half wood elf bard


I come from the tiny wood elf village Quazar. It is found in a valley not far from the wood elf capital itself. My village specializes in the smithing of the bows used by the Kings Scouts. My mother (Nephanne) is a kind and generous woman who had to raise me on her own. She worked at the local tavern as a bar maid, which is were she meet my father, Jeremy. My father was a traveling human bard whom from time to time would pass through Quazar and preform at my mothers tavern. During these stints my parents formed a very passionate relationship which one day lead to the birth of me. Unfortunately before my father could return to hear the great news he was killed during a dragon raid on a village he was preforming at. The only thing I have of my father is the ballads that my mother would sing me to sleep with ever night when I was young. As a young child I had many issues with fitting with the other children. Being Fatherless was bad but being a half-elf made me feel like an outcast. It wasn’t until I reached my adolescence that I started to use my fathers music as a way to get people to notice and accept me. My first gigs as a young adult were at the tavern that my mother bar tended. Through my music I noticed that I was getting a lot of attention from the ladies.This attention went to my head and I began to become quit the ladies man. It was never a surprise to see me with a different woman on my arm every day of the week. This wasn’t the only reason I loved to play my fiddle though. Playing brought me closer to my father, sometimes even made me feel like he right there playing beside me. Sometime around my 30th birthday I decided to take my act on the road. Travel the country and maybe even collect some information about the dragon that slayed my father.

One day while on my way to SilverRockI am jumped by a group of goblins. After a grueling battle I am finally victorious but not without taking a few huge hits that left my armor in shambles. Upon reaching SilverRock I head to the tavern, not only to work out my compensation for performing in his/her fine establishment but to ask about a worthy armorer to fix my armor. After reaching the tavern and negotiating my pay he/she sends me off to the young SilverSmith’s forge.

When I get to the Forge I find a sad looking Dwarf Mopping around mumbling about a girl. After watching silently for a while intrigued at his concentration on the subject I finally ask “whatcha thinking”. He proceeds to tell me about the Elf in the forest and that he wants to do something nice for her but he doesn’t know what. I tell him of how I use my music to win women over, “maybe you could write her a poem” Syoran Says that “words allude me and I am amazing with my hands. I want to make her something but what? What could I make that could match her beauty”. For days we pondered about what he could make his Elven goddess (Desluna). And then finally it struck him like a bolt of lightning. I have never seen anything like it. No words came from his mouth. For four days straight Syoran did nothing but put hammer to steal. I never even saw the man sleep and I only left his side when I had to perform at the Inn. When he was done it was magnificent though. I had never laid my eyes on such a beautiful piece of jewelry. With the completion of the necklace Syoran pretties himself up, well as much as a dwarf can at least, and heads in to the forest. Upon his return we have a drink at his forge and discuss the reason I actually came to see him. I Show him my armor and he says “yea give me about five days and I can have your armor repaired” I continue to spend my nights at the inn preforming and my dads hanging out at the forge getting to know Syoran. After five days my armor is finished and I head out again to become a famous bard known to every reach of the country.

Years go by and my reputation grows as a graceful bard filling the lands with hope and optimism. Tales of my heroics and valor have spread as well.

Ok thats all I have for tonight but you all get the gist. It ends with me hearing about the call from my king.


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