Erelas Treestrider

wood elf ranger


In the company of his new companions, Erelas is quiet, keeping mostly to himself other than sharing what he knows about the green dragon they presume they are about to face. He gives no information as to how his father became an expert about dragons.


Erelas’ story begins in the large, mostly uninhabited Ambervale forest. A ancient, golden dragon by them name of Zinnath, Lord of the Forest spots two orphaned newborn elven children left beside a river at the edge of the forest, and on a whim takes them into his care. He brings them to his lair, a massive cave cutting into the base of the largest of the three mountains located within Ambervale’s lush forested interior. It is here that Zinnath raised the two elven children, Erelas and his sister Glacia as his own.

Erelas had a fortunate upbringing, having a dragon as a parent brought with it a wise replacement for a father figure he otherwise would never have had. Erelas and his sister spent much of their time roaming the forest around their mountainous home. They would disappear into the foliage to reemerge days to weeks later, covered in mud, dirt, and twigs, but with little treasures brought back from their adventures such as shiny rocks, or weird and exotic plants or fungi. Over the next century Erelas grew into a bright, fun-loving, and adventurous man. He treasured the time he spent with both his sister, and with his adopted father, Zinnath. But like with all great things, it wasn’t to last.
After taking one of his usual outings into the forest to gather fruits, mushrooms, and herbs to make dinner with, Erelas returned one day to a unusually empty cave. he almost thought he may have gone to the wrong mountain except for the fact that he was an expert navigator. What he found was the absence of both his father, Zinnath, as well as his twin sister, Glacia. Not only were they gone, but so was all of their belongings. The vast gold and jewel hoard of Zinnaths, to even the smallest silver spoon they had used during mealtimes. There was no hint of a intrusion, though rare but not uncommon by thieves and brigands interested in the dragon’s vast hoard of gold. What made it truly impressive was how quickly their departure was. Erelas had been gone for merely 5 or so hours, having left just before sunrise and returning well before midday(noon).

Erelas spent the next several weeks wandering around the cavern, and the surrounding forest looking for a sign, a clue, anything as to what had happened, why they had left, and why he had been left behind. Finally giving up his search after weeks, Erelas decided that if they hadn’t left a clue here, maybe they had left a clue elsewhere so that he might catch up to them at a later date. With this thought thoroughly planted in his mind, Erelas gathered what few belongings he had managed to put together since their departure and took off on his own through the vast forest, to one of the small villages that was located on the outskirts. Here he found no luck either, and so it was for all the towns, villages, and cities that Erelas visited over the next decade.

Finally just as he began to give up hope, Erelas heard a rumour of a raid by goblins on the trade routes of the Elven Kingdom of Valona. But what had really caught his attention was the whispers of the possible involvement of a dragon. Erelas knowing that the dragon couldn’t possibly be his father, Zinnath, nevertheless had an inspiring idea. If mortal men had no clue as to his father and sister’s whereabouts and why they had left, might a dragon have some clue as to their location. With this thought fresh in his mind Erelas raced off headed in the direction of Valona, and this is where he meets up with a party that would forever change his fate.

Erelas Treestrider

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