Garret Nimblefeet

halfling rogue


-Physical description-
Garret has always been of small growth – even compared to other Halflings. However, he knows how to compensate his lack in physical strength with his agility and nimbleness. He has hazel eyes and dark brown hair. If he is not on adventures or missions, he is often seen in colorful, fine clothing. He prefers to wear black velvet pants, a red brocade west and a linden green bandana with scarlet dots. If one sees him in black leather clothes it might be too late though.
Garret is a joyful and talkative person. There is “a joke for every occasion, even if there shouldn’t be”. He is attracted by everything that is shiny or of great value. Therefor “he always tries to pocket small items that might hold some value” or trick people for some extra money. “His favorite scheme is to convince people that worthless junk is worth their hard earned money.” Unfortunately he tends to overestimate himself and “is convinced that no one could ever be as deceptive as himself and fool him”, which might be his biggest flaw. Garret is very “aspirational” and his biggest goal is “to make something of himself” and return to his families former glory.


Garret was born to a noble merchant family in the town of Underberg. In his youth he was educated in the rules of nobility and commerce. His parents prepared Garret how to interact with high lords and important people and how to attend banquets and other festivities. His father started taking him to business negotiations when he was still a little boy to teach him the way of striking great deals.
The Tragedy
But when Garret was 13 years old, a big tragedy occurred. A opposing human merchant with the name of Errich von Silverbag came to a disagreement with Garret’s father concerning the dominance in the basalt trade. A series of heated disputes between the two families let to a tragic event. Errich von Silverbag decided to hire a group of assassins to secure his spot as the most influential merchant in Underberg. Only small Garret survived this ruthless attack on his family and managed to escape to the City of STARTTOWN.
A New Life
He swore that he will “avenge his family and retake his their riches and title” one day. So Garret kept practicing everyday to prepare himself for the fights to come. For the first years he lived on the streets and had to hide often to evade thugs and other people who tried to take advantage of the little halfling. By the age of 17 Garret managed to acquire at least some wealth via trickery and deception. Once he sold some pieces of tinted glass as Opals to a wealthy merchant in another town. Another time he sold a flask of colored water as a potion that may prolong one’s life.

At the age of 19 Garret decided that the time had come to take his revenge. He returned to the town of Underberg and infiltrated Silverbag Manor to confront the man who killed his parents an demand an official confession. Somehow Errich was prepared and managed to wound Garret. After a long demanding fight Garret managed to defeat his opponent but had to flee from the pursuing guards. Being wanted in the town of Underberg he had no other choice but to retreat to STARTTOWN and count his losses. Being banned from Underberg Garret saw no way to reclaim whats rightfully his – for now!
He promised himself that he will gain enough wealth and influence to find a way to reveal the truth about the von Silverbags and revoke his wanted status in Underberg.
The Great Dragon Hunt
About a year later Garret decided to take part in the Great Dragon Hunt. “Every dragon has a hoard full of shiny treasures! Every child knows that – right?” he thought to himself. Also being the one who liberates the lands from the terror of the pillaging Dragons might make him a local hero. The Duke of Underberg would have no other choice than to reprieve a beloved hero. But even the bravest Halfling can’t face a dragon alone, so he joined a group of other Dragonhunters in STARTTOWN to hunt his first dragon.

Garret Nimblefeet

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