human cleric of Ambu


Onia is a sizable human cleric of Life. He wears chain mail, using a mace and shield in combat. Onia is quiet, and keeps to himself. The other adventurers don’t know much about him yet.


Onia was a young 12 when he left his home. His father was an abusive man, and his mother dead at his birth. He wondered for years to various towns.
He watched as people suffered together and cared for one another. They provided for him despite not having much themselves. “It is through suffering that we become stronger and learn to help one another,” he childishly decided.

A few years later, he learned medicine and about the gods. He became a servant of Anbu, god of travel and healing. Which brought him in contact with the worst of humanity. “Surely such powerful beings could rid the world of pain and bring everyone joy. Why must man suffer so?” He asked as he began to resent the beings that shaped the world.

It wasn’t until recently that he discovered it. A well of shining light. And through it he gazed ever so slightly at the web of fate. It was enough to drive him nearly insane at its complexity, but also gave him the revelation. “There is more to the multi-verse than what we see, and there is a plan.”

Since that day, he has followed what he believes to be his fate. And so a small memory of what he saw drives him to this destined location. “Dragons.” It nags at the very back of his mind.


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