Syoran Silversmith

dwarven fighter


Syoran’s story begins at the prestigious SilverRock Mt home of the best Dwarven Smiths and Miners. Syoran’s Mother and Father the SilverSmith’s also Guild leader of the SilverRocks Smiths and Miners guild was the best of the best. His Mother Hythina Silversmith taught Syoran almost everything about mining up until he hit the age of 14 when his mother passed away. Depressed at the loss of his mother his father Sarven Silversmith decided he needed something to occupy his mind again and began training under him to be not only a great Forge master but also how to fighter with what he made. “A good smith can make weapons A Great smith knows how to use what he made” and “You have a Talent to pick out the right Materials This talent your mother passed down to you Don’t let it go to waste you hear me Boy,” his father always told him. Syoran trained hard and worked even harder under his father for roughly 30 years before his father gave him an invitation to the Smiths guild as well as his very own forge.

One day he had decided to ventured out of the mountains into a nearby forest known for half-elves and Elves alike. He went out wanting to hunt some deer for hides and horns as well as the meat. That’s when he meet her, a beauty as hypothesizing as the lake itself. Golden Blonde hair, Deep Blue eyes as blue as the sapphires he mined the other day from the mines, and Skin as pale as the moon but still smooth. Captivated but also scared he ran back to the mountains. For days maybe weeks he pondered on this elven girl, when he finally the idea popped in his head to make her something that could match her Beauty. He spent 4 days and 4 nights and all the materials in his forge to craft a necklace of sapphires strung with gold. With his work finally done he ventured out of the mountains again, and spotted what seemed to be the same elf he saw last time.

“Hello fair lady” he whispered as he emerged from the bushes. She turned and smiled and laughed “I was wondering when you would return.” Syoran remembers this day like it was Yesterday. He found out her name was Desluna and that her family was also into forging but of elvish weaponry and amours How his face blushed when their eyes meet up to the point where he gave her the necklace and asked for her hand and her answer of yes. It was sudden but he didn’t want to let her get away not for anyone. Both sides of the families did however try to argue that they could not marry each other. However Syoran was taught never to back down, nor to give up and always get back up and try again. He pleaded till his father went to Desluna’s family and proposed a challenge. Desluna’s father agreed with Sarven as both told the two children what they must do.

“If you Syoran and You Desluna wish to be together then you both must beat us in the forge and show to us your Heart” The two fathers stated.

Syoran Silversmith

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