Tag: Ellion


  • Quazar

    A small town in [[:king-sova | King Sova']]s valley kingdom, near [[Valona | Valona.]].

  • Dolni Hora

    Dolni Hora is a city in the south-east of a mountainous region of [[East Zemia | East Zemia]]. While [[:aylani-thenosen | Aylani Thenosen]] and [[:ellion | Ellion]] are in [[Harska's Cross | Harska's Cross]] three months after having killed [[:the- …

  • Hinata

    Hinata is the fiddle played by [[:jeremy | Jeremy]], [[:ellion | Ellion]]'s father. It was delivered to Ellion's mother, [[:nephanne | Nephanne]] after Jeremy died during a dragon attack on [[Vrbatky | Vrbatky]], while Nephanne was pregnant with Ellion. …

  • Syoran Silversmith

    Syoran's story begins at the prestigious [[SilverRock | SilverRock]] Mt home of the best Dwarven Smiths and Miners. Syoran's Mother and Father the SilverSmith's also Guild leader of the SilverRocks Smiths and Miners guild was the best of the best. His …

  • Jeremy

    Jeremy, a human bard, fell in love with Nephanne, a wood elf from [[Quazar | Quazar]], and is [[:ellion | Ellion]]'s father. Jeremy wandered the world as a performer with his fiddle [[Hinata | Hinata]], which would later be given to Ellion. He was in …

  • Nephanne

    Nephanne, a wood elf who lives in the town of [[Quazar | Quazar]] in [[:king-sova | King Sova]]'s kingdom, fell in love with a traveling bardbard named [[:jeremy | Jeremy]], and became pregnant with [[:ellion | Ellion]].