Tag: Skanda


  • Feast of Madron

    It is unknown at the present time what the Feast of Madron celebrates. [[:skanda | Skanda]] seems to have become elligible to participate, whether because of age or perhaps due to his involvement in the clergy of Agni and Ragni?

  • The Mother of Light

    The Mother is one of two high priests of the Saktas, an order worshiping [[:agni-and-ragri | Agni and Ragri]]. She ordered [[:skanda | Skanda]] to join the 6 adventurers who killed [[:the-green-dragon-of-sova-s-kingdom | The Green Dragon of Sova's …

  • Ysella

    A girl who spent the day with [[:skanda | ]] as a boy [some question about whether it was Skanda or some unknown person] at his first Feast of Madron. She had money to spend on whatever she pleased, and shared food with Skanda.

  • The Saktas

    A clerical order worshipping [[:agni-and-ragri | Agni and Ragri]], to which [[:skanda | Skanda]] belongs. The order has two high priests, [[:the-mother | The Mother of Light]] and [[:the-father-of-shadow | The Father of Shadow]]. The Mother tasked …